10 Social Media News Stories You Need to Read This Week

//10 Social Media News Stories You Need to Read This Week

While social media is constantly evolving, you should keep an eye on all its next moves so that you don’t left behind. Here are the top 10 social media news stories buzzing all around and you really need to read them.

1. Snapchat is Offering Dynamic Ads to Grow Its Advertising

It is no secret that 2020 will all about personalization. Therefore, if you use Snapchat, you may need to consider Dynamic Ads. Well, this new feature on the app will allow you to add a product catalog, and then you will be able to access various templates automatically.

This will help you execute your ads quickly and without having a design team on board. Additionally, it will allow you to save much time that usually consumes in production. Snapchat will allow you to create advertisements at scale and serve them in real-time.

2. Facebook Announces to Change Organic Impressions and to Remove Gray Badges

While a blue badge indicates an authenticity for public figures, brand, and Media Company, the gray badges indicate Facebook confirmed that the profile/page is authentic for business. However, the company recently announced to remove all the gray badges while blue ones will still be there.

Also, its organic impression calculation has become aligned with the paid method calculation. The company has made a change to avoid issuing duplicate metrics. But there is nothing to worry about, as these changes will not affect the content distribution.

3. Facebook is Introducing a New Tab!

Although the new tab is rolled out to a limited number of users, this tab will gather the stream of publisher news in one place. A team of editors will curate the news, and this customizable tab will have different sections about science, entertainment, health, technology, business, and more.

4. Facebook Search Makes it to Automatic Placement

If you have been using automatic placement, you will be glad to know that Search Result ads have become one of the options. This feature will enable your advertisements to be distributed across general searches automatically. However, if you do not want to use Search Result ads, the platform will not enable you to use the automatic placement.

The new addition is a good choice since the costs are still low for using the option. Note that the company has been testing a new ad placement reportedly in the Group section tab too. However, it is important to mention here that you will not be able to target specific group of people using this feature.

5. The New Logo for Facebook is rolling out Soon!

Is the company replacing the existing logo with the new one? This is perhaps what you thought, and we caught you. While it’s pretty true that the top social media network is getting a new logo, but it will not replace that all blue “F” from your apps.

The new logo that is technically a watermark is meant for Facebook, the brand rather than its social media platforms. Put simply, you will see a new Facebook watermark in the login screens of your WhatsApp and Instagram and not on your Facebook application or messenger.

The new logo is intended to provide each mentioned app with significant recognition, making it clear which social media apps Facebook owns. Surprisingly, only 29 percent of US respondents are aware that Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram.

6. You will See a New Share Option for TikTok

Recently, one of your favorite social media platforms TikTok announced a new Software Development Kit (SDK). If you have been using TikTok for promoting your products or services, you will surely love the update. It will allow third-party apps, such as video editors incorporate the TikTok directly.

The new ‘Share to TikTok’ option will enable marketers to leverage more options to create polished and richer content for the platform. Momento GIF Maker and Adobe Premiere Rush are the two apps that the new SDK supports.

7. Facebook Launched New Work Groups

Facebook announced to introduce “Work Groups” in a LinkedInesque move. The company intended to assist people in connecting their coworkers more conveniently. Well, this workgroup is no different from the standard group.

The only difference between the two groups is the workgroup will be used to allow the workers to interact in a professional section. They will be able to message group members without needing to have them on their friend list.

Also, users will share only work-related info on such a group. This feature will help people creating a line between their private and professional life. If you are interested in trying it, you can switch your group type through settings.

8. Facebook is Limiting the Number of Ads a Brand can Publish

At first, you may take this news as counter-intuitive, as Mark Zuckerberg once significantly explained to the US senator runs advertisements as the basis of its business model. However, Facebook says this amendment is to protect the ad spend of advertisers.

Bombarding the social media app with plenty of ads at a time can affect the performance, as a platform does not get enough time to optimize your ads. Facebook announced this ad cap would run out from the mid of 2020 and expects this ad limit will only affect a small number of advertisers.

9. Facebook Continues its Messenger Encryption Plans

Lately, at the Web Summit conference, Facebook outlined its further plans for messenger encryption. When it was first announced in March, a few lawmakers had objection due to the privacy criminals will be leveraging.

However, the company mentioned that the encryption option already exists in the platform and also in WhatsApp, which Facebook owns.

Besides, Facebook is considering banning Messenger accounts that are not connected to a regular Facebook profile. The company is integrating these features as the next privacy phase to protect users’ personal information.

10. IGTV Series has Launched!

Instagram has introduced an amazing feature, the IGTV series, which allows users to brand their videos in series. You will only need to create a title, theme, and you are all good to go. Yes, this feature is just like the one Snapchat has. Well, this new labeling will allow users to find content easily through a playlist.

On the other hand, creators will be able to manage and arrange their content more efficiently. What’s more amazing is that the on-screen tab will allow you to opt for new uploads notifications.

That means every time your favorite brand or public figure uploads a new video, IG will notify you so that you do not miss it. For creators, there is an option allowing them to create a series when uploading a video. In fact, they can create a series with the existing videos via the ‘edit’ option.

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